Taylor Swift Bling, Blings Around the World in End Game Video

Posted January 13, 2018

So, of course Swift's "End Game" collaboration with Sheeran and Future was a big hit as well, giving the singer her 55th Top 40 hit.

Others also pointed to this shot, which seems to be a direct call out to Taylor's song "Dear John", where she sings about fireworks. But no Taylor Swift music video is ever a simple four minutes.

Taylor Swift released her "End Game" music video at midnight, featuring Ed Sheeran and Future, and as always, there's so much to unpack!

The video for the song was filmed in various worldwide locations including Tokyo, London and Miami. Well, if you look close enough, you'll see she's sticking to her brand and rocking a tight snake suit while riding a motorcycle. Not only did we see a cat and the number 13, but Swift also plays a snake video game in the video. If Kim Kardashian wants to call her a snake, she'll play the game - and she just might win it.

But, no, contrary to internet rumors, there's no Katy Perry appearance in the video.

Then responsibly fuels up on food before ending her night alone on a bridge on the Thames-but not before giving us a wink.

Possibly the most iconic visual used in Taylor's return is the constant imagery of a snake, and "End Game" is no different. It's madness, really; Swift's music videos are more like cultural events than they are actual, well, music videos.

28-year-old Swift has since flipped the hate on its head and embraced the imagery in promotions for her album "reputation", performing with a snake-shaped mic, snaked printed shirt and now, multiple easter eggs in the new video.