WhatsApp launches WhatsApp Business for effective communication with customers

Posted January 20, 2018

Few popular names in India like BookMyShow had participated in the pilot phase.

So, will anything change for the users of WhatsApp? As of now, the ambit of application only encompasses small businesses.

We know that WhatsApp's been planning a version of the app for businesses for some time, and we've all waited very patiently. The app is same as WhatsApp App but with a handful of specific features for business. Facebook immediately scrapped the annual subscription charge in a bid to drive use and promised never to introduce in-app advertising. The app is particularly designed for Business users.

The application is hitherto only available on the android mobile platform and is free of cost. The app is called WhatsApp Business, which is now available in select countries like UK, Italy, Indonesia, Mexico and the United States.

Also people won't be able to restore normal messenger chats on the WhatsApp business.

Those customer-facing tools remain, and are now joined by business profiles that display basic contact info such as a bio, email, address, and phone number (in the vein of Instagram's tools for companies). These accounts will allow them to set up automatic greetings, see statistics about their messaging, as well as set up a profile page to include information such as hours of operation. The message can even contain instructions or answers to frequently asked questions.

WhatsApp has taken into account that businesses' phone numbers typically correspond to a landline, not a cell phone. The account holder will only have to choose the "call me" option at the verification step. WhatsApp Business is also compatible with WhatsApp Web, the app's desktop web browser client. This means that if you already use the traditional WhatsApp service, you will need another number or cancel the account on the standard WhatsApp. It will arrive in other locations "in the coming weeks". The app will also measure simple engagement metrics to help businesses understand their WhatsApp presence. The company just officially launched the new WhatsApp Business app.