Apple's HomePod User Guide Tells You Everything About the Smart Speaker

Posted February 11, 2018

There are no bones about it; HomePod is a superb wireless audio speaker.

The Google Home Max works with Google Assistant.

The HomePod version of Siri reportedly cannot read out calendar entries or add new ones-something that the iPhone version of Siri can do just fine.

There's also the thing with Apple's tendency to lock its products inside its own ecosystem.

However, Nest is only compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, while Samsung SmartThings, also only works with Google Assistant and Alexa. The attached 21 track playlist "Welcome to the Party Mix" is hosted on Spotify which is a jab itself as Apple has chose to not yet support direct Spotify playback on HomePod that Sonos offers. Now, when you ask about hiding a body, Siri acts like someone whose recent lobotomy has robbed her of personality and memory. Will it find any success in the smart speaker landscape, where the most prized quality is being actually smart? In answering to your "Hey Siri" vocal commands, Apple's assistant can perform numerous same table-stakes tasks as Amazon's Alexa on Echos or the Google Assistant on Google Home speakers - from setting timers and reminders to informing you of the weather and traffic, turning on smart lights or solving math.

More: A smart home sounds like a great idea. Apple makes no bones that HomePod is a music-first speaker, and it sounds terrific, all the more notable given how small it is. It is designed it so that you can circle it and still enjoy 360 degrees of sound no matter where you are in the room.

Cloaked in a seamless mesh fabric that conceals a woofer, seven tweeters and other technical innards, HomePod is as easy on the eyes as it is your ears. "Alexa and Google Assistant do have more features, for now, and they are definitely more advanced in their functionality".

The six microphones built into the device lets Siri hear a user even from a distance.

Users will also need to use AirPlay to play music with a service other than Apple Music.

The HomePod delivers impeccable sound quality that surpasses that of similar offerings by Google and Sonos, reviewers say.

Although Apple has now officially entered the "smart" speaker market, Amazon remains the market leader according to a report from research specialist TrendForce. He also tried voice commands for apps like Uber, but the HomePod failed to complete those commands while the others did.

If you don't already have favorite podcasts, mind, HomePod isn't so helpful. Third, some functions of HomePod overlap with Siri in iPhone.

TechCrunch: "Apple's HomePod is easily the best sounding mainstream smart speaker ever".

Sonos is smart enough to not go quite that far. Even to an Apple fanboy who is prepared to * a href="*sQYf8&subid=0&offerid=492045.1&type=10&tmpid=13127&" *drop $350, I would tell them to walk away, or at least wait for Apple to fix some of the bugs and errors. "That is not the case right now", said USA Today's Edward C. Baig.

Voice recognition is obviously critical in any Apple HomePod vs. Amazon Echo vs. Google Home comparison, and it will be disappointing for potential Apple consumers that Siri is somewhat behind the other two intelligent operating systems here as well.

Time: "With the HomePod, the company will have to prove that it can compete in a game for which somebody else wrote the rules".