Cavs Reveal Their Offer for DeAndre Jordan

Posted February 09, 2018

To get around having to part with Brooklyn's pick, which was acquired from the Boston Celtics in the Kyrie Irving trade, the Cleveland Cavaliers have reportedly enlisted a third team. As NBA teams attempt to make transactions up until the 3 p.m. deadline on February 8, big names could be moved.How insane could this deadline get?

Over the past couple of weeks, DeAndre Jordan has been heavily linked with a trade to the Cleveland Cavaliers to get the team back on track this season, but another Eastern Conference team could be about to ruin their hopes, as they're adding their name into the mix.

Since Jordan can leave for nothing as a free agent in July, the Clippers may regret the decision to keep him.

Another piece of this deal is that if the trade goes through and improves the Cavs to the point where they potentially compete with the Warriors in the Finals this season (not going to happen but this is just a hypothetical) it increases the likelihood that LeBron James stays in Cleveland. Jordan would be one of the top players available, but it's unclear if teams will be willing to top the $24 million per year that he would make next season. Finally, Jordan's expiring contract was appealing to teams looking to clear cap space.

Still, the Clippers center would still offer the Raptors a good defensive mind and boost the team's defensive into a stronger contender.

Despite the positives Jordan brings to the table, it comes as a surprise that the Clippers opted against trading him.

Sam Amick of USA Today indicates that the Cavaliers offered their own first-round pick to the Clippers for Jordan, along with veterans Tristan Thompson and J.R. Smith.

However, the Clippers said no. This is representative of the dilemma on two levels - teams don't want to spend big on Jordan, especially if there's no guarantee he sticks around for more than a few months.