Google adding AMP firepower to make Gmail more interactive

Posted February 14, 2018

User interaction will be conducted through taps, which would take you from one portion of the story to the next - much like how you flip through Instragram Stories and Facebook Moments. AMP Stories will be available to all publishers and are being released as a "free and open" experience.

Google says it aims to bring similarly engaging storytelling capabilities to email through its AMP for Email spec. However, when users scroll down, they should be able to find the new "Visual Stories" section, as pointed out by 9To5Google.

Google envisions developers using AMP in Gmail will embed widgets that constantly update, allowing users to interact with content without leaving their inbox. With AMP Stories, Google is now giving users more reasons to stay on its search engine and keep on browsing.

In order to take advantage of this clear shift towards mobile device usage, Google developed AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Pages, for its search results. That's where AMP stories sets itself apart. The company launched a developer preview of AMP Stories, which are basically AMP-powered, rich, slideshow pages a la Snapchat Stories.

Now, it understandable that because of this new format which banks more on visuals than an average text-based story, delivery mechanisms will have to be in order. and Doodle have already signed up to use it, among others including Pinterest. Like any web page, publishers can host an AMP story HTML page on their site and link to it from any other part of the site to drive discovery.

AMP Stories are live on Google Search starting Tuesday.

Among the initial wave of publishing partners, Meredith said it would first launch AMP Stories for People, the celebrity/lifestyle brand it obtained after closing the acquisition of Time Inc.

If you want to see AMP Stories in action you can head over to in your mobile browser to check them out now. I am not sure if this will be there only for brand related searches or it will add stories from multiple brands at the top if it matches to a search result. And it looks like more Stories clones are the way to go.