Lucky Charms Introduces Unicorn Marshmallow

Posted February 21, 2018

The new unicorn charm, which features hues of bright purples and blues, is the first-ever marshmallow to be inspired and created by kids. Customers were asked on social media to vote for the next one, and they chose a white and purple magical unicorn.

"That's why, after 10 years, we chose to introduce a new charm with the help of the keepers of magic themselves-kids". After tapping "into the imagination and creativity of young minds", the decision to choose the unicorn form was "unanimous". It's the first substantial change to the cereal in roughly 10 years. Cereal-lovers can now enjoy a new magical mix of beloved, colorful Lucky Charms marshmallows with crunchy, whole grain oats.

What's more magically delicious than a unicorn? The hourglass has been part of the cereal since 2008. The company is also rolling out Lucky Charms Frosted Flakes. In 2017, the company gave away 10,000 boxes of cereal containing only the marshmallows from Lucky Charms, which is a fantasy fulfillment for many sweet-toothed individuals.

The unicorn will join the staple marshmallow shapes, which include hearts, stars, horseshoes, clovers, rainbows and red balloons, according to USA Today.