Man alleges his Apple AirPods earphone blew up

Posted February 11, 2018

What is required on Apple's part is the implementation of a safety system that should indicate in some or the other way to warn the user of an electrical issue.

"I don't know what wouldn've happened to my ear", Colon told the news station.

Earlier this week, Floridian Jason Colon was working out at an LA Fitness in St. Petersburg while listening to a dance mix, when all of a sudden the headphones stopped working. "And then I saw white smoke start billowing out".

Colon made a decision to leave it on a piece of workout equipment and seek help, but when he returned, the earphone apparently was good as gone. When he returned, he was shocked."It was already like this".

"It was already like this". It was already popped. "I don't know what would've happened to my ear", he said. "You can see the flame damage", he added.

Again, the price is steep enough to put some people off, but we would argue $159 (£159) is not entirely unreasonable for high quality wireless headphones - AirPods are roughly in line with their rivals. Colon realized that he had dodged a bullet by removing the AirPods from his ears in time. "Ear lobe could've been burnt". It's a very good revolutionary product which has set new benchmarks in the industry with its first version.

After Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 debacle in 2016, the tech industry has started exercising caution over devices that utilise Lithium-ion batteries.

Production stopped later that year.

You look at Apple's wireless Bluetooth powered AirPods and you think that here is a benign device that could never cause a problem.