Meet The Ferrari 488 Pista: The Most Powerful V8 Ferrari In History

Posted February 22, 2018

The new Ferrari 488 Pista comes as a successor to the 458 Speciale which was introduced way back in 2013. It goes by the name 488 Pista, and we'll see it for the first time in the metal at next month's 2018 Geneva International Motor Show.

When you're expected to replace models like the 360 Challenge Stradale, 430 Scuderia, and 458 Speciale, then, you need to have something special up your sleeve. According to Ferrari, the Pista's development evolved directly from the automaker's involvement in the World Endurance Championship, where it races the 488 GTE. And, while that may be a common refrain from the automaker, in this case the connections are even more obvious. It makes a mighty 720 horsepower at 8,000 rpm and 567 pound-feet of torque at 3,000 rpm. 0-62 miles per hour comes in 2.85 seconds, while 0-124 miles per hour is a mere 7.6 seconds. It's named the Pista this time and has been described as the most powerful V8 in Ferrari's history. The 488 Pista has a dry weight of 2,821 pounds, which is roughly a 200-pound savings over the 488 GTB (thanks in part to carbon fiber body panels).

The front F1-inspired S-Duct and the front diffusers serve their function very well. The bodywork's revisions include using the front and rear diffusers from the 488 GTE racing auto, there are lighter wheels and carbon-fibre has been used extensively throughout the vehicle to help reduce weight. Additionally, the rear blown spoiler is higher and longer and the shape has been optimised, resulting in 20 per cent increase in downforce compared to the 488 GTB.

The term "otherwise normal" hardly seems appropriate though, as a regular 488 is already equipped with 492kW and 760Nm.

If you thought that the revised Porsche 911 GT3 RS (991.2) was something special, Ferrari is here to remind you that it can still deliver the goods. The objective was to make the car's performance on the limit easier to reach and control. That's involved both design decisions and a fair amount of technology.

Further aiding in handling performance, the Pista has been given an upgraded version of Ferrari's Side-Slip Angle Control, which consists of its E-Diff3, F-Trac, and magnetorheological suspension, and adds something called the "Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer".

Ferrari seems to have introduced its 488 Pista which is a gem of a vehicle.