Mets Reach Deal With Former Yankees Third Baseman Todd Frazier

Posted February 06, 2018

Perhaps this move will trigger other big name free agents to finally latch onto an Major League Baseball club for the 2018 season.

Frazier agreed to a two-year, $17 million deal with the Mets on Monday night, according to multiple reports.

Then in July of that season, Frazier's fortunes were about to change when the New York Yankees acquired the once-promising third baseman from the Chicago White Sox just after the All-Star break. The New Jersey native had 27 home runs in 2017 but batted just.213, which likely contributed to the somewhat modest amount of money he is signing for. In 66 games with the Yankees, Frazier hit.222 with 11 home runs, posting an OPS of.788.

The move also means Asdrubal Cabrera is likely to be New York's projected starter at second base this season, rather than third.

Todd Frazier is coming back to NY - but without the Yankees pinstripes this time. He went 7-for-24 in the ALCS against the future World Series-winning Astros with a home run and four RBI, and had a regular season fielding percentage of.960 with 13 errors, which is above league average at least. The Reds traded Frazier to the White Sox prior to the 2016 season.

Frazier is entering his age-32 season.

Sandy Alderson previously said while he has had some "focus" on improving the infield, the team was thinking "expansively" this offseason. As Frazier circled the bases, the fan showed his displeasure by giving him a thumbs down. Jose Reyes would be the utility infielder.

The addition of Frazier fills the void at third base the Mets have had the past three seasons with seven-time All-Star David Wright hampered by injuries. Both of whom would play big roles in their bullpen. If nothing else, the Mets should be able to expect a considerable amount of power from Frazier.