Monster Hunter World Update 1.02 Stomps Out, Here's the Patch Notes

Posted February 02, 2018

The devs have fixed an issue with the quest "The Encroaching Anjanath" where the quest would not appear on the quest board during online play. It seems the gaming community is in agreement as World has already sold over 1.3 million units in Japan in the first three days alone, and over five million worldwide.

Clocking in at approximately 85 MB on PS4, the exact download size isn't known for the Xbox One version of the game, though PS4 owners have been told that around 930 MB of space is required to download it. The patch notes for update 1.02 confirm the following changes.

Playstation 4 players have also received a fix to the game in their own update, which fixed a glitch where a bounty wouldn't work properly.

Capcom has rolled out another new patch for Monster Hunter: World in a continuing effort to resolve the matchmaking issues that have been plaguing the game since launch on Xbox One.

The initial shockwave blast when playing a song sometimes wouldn't happen.

Now that Monster Hunter: World has arrived, Capcom has been sharing a series of The Making of Monster: Hunter World videos that talks to the people behind the game.

Monster Hunter World is now available on the aforementioned consoles and in the fall it will be coming to PC.