Natalie Portman's SNL Rap 2 With Jar Jar Binks

Posted February 05, 2018

"Say something nice about Jar Jar Binks", she raps, threatening performer Alex Moffat with a fake gun.

Let's run through the best and worst sketches from the Natalie Portman hosted Saturday Night Live.

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'Natalie's Rap' was written for the SNL Digital Shorts series when the actor last guest-hosted the USA satire show in 2006.

In a comically out-of-character move, the rap video portrays Portman sitting down for an interview in which she promises to behave. That clip - a Lonely Island-produced digital short that had Portman confessing her most scandalous behaviors to an increasingly-concerned Chris Parnell - was an honest-to-God SNL classic, the kind of viral sketch that comes along only once in a blue moon.

Portman also appeared in a Stranger Things season three spoof, playing Eleven, whose nosebleed side effect from her powers was mimicked by new characters with increasingly absurd powers and accompanying side effects, like a character played by Aidy Bryant who can do a very good Borat impression which puts her in a coma for three days.

Beck Bennett, who plays the nervous celebrity interviewer trying to get her to answer questions, is clearly intimidated by Portman.

Other Portman highlights from this week's show include her opening monologue, which played off of NBC's upcoming Winter Olympics coverage. Portman first portrayed Kennedy in the 2016 film, "Jackie". Yes, it's a guise for the Super Bowl rivalry, complete with Rachel Dratch and Tina Fey cameos, and it's just a great sketch.