The first details about Apple iOS 12

Posted February 15, 2018

According to people familiar with the change, Apple will continue to have an annual release, but engineers will focus on features that will be released over the next two years, allowing them to move out features that aren't ideal yet.

The problem with this is that users experiencing their phones getting worse could have just replaced the battery and the phone would be back to running like new. Now, the Cupertino giant is also looking to integrate Animoji in FaceTime as well as deeper Siri integration. Instead of investing those huge profits into making a more durable and longlasting device, Apple has shown that each generation they will not only do the bare minimum but find more ways to take advantage of their loyal customers who are responsible for their success.

A report surfaced this year that Apple was planning to slow-down update process for iOS 12 with a focus on performance over new features.

Furthermore, the reports also point out that Apple will bring the Animojis to its FaceTime feature also, which will be capable of giving the allowance to consumers to use the Augmented Reality feature while they are on any video call.

Rather than going for rushing to get the latest features out there, Apple is now expected to pace itself and its engineers. This feature appears likely to appear in iOS 12. Even iPad users will have to wait until 2019 for major updates. The universal apps feature will come to Macs with the upcoming macOS 10.14 known internally as "Liberty".

The decision comes after criticism over the launch of some features launched with bugs (the weird autocorrect bug, for instance), while others (Apple Pay Cash, iMessage in the Cloud) were delayed well into the launch cycle. These include redesigned home screens for the iPhone, iPad, and CarPlay. This time around, however, Apple is taking a different approach that will see its engineers focus less on new features and more on under-the-hood refinements. On the one hand, spreading feature updates over a longer period could hurt Apple's competitiveness in the fiercely contested smartphone market.

These include the ability to run several windows in one app, new features for the Pencil stylus, and a button that would allow users to mute notifications from specific email threads. This indicates the presence of a Face ID and the True Depth camera in the new IPad, although earlier it was just a rumor.

Similarly, this rumor could indicate that Apple plans to merge the iOS and Mac App Stores so that users can buy an app once and run it on an iPhone, an iPad and a Mac.