The groundhog hath spoken! Welcome to six more weeks of winter

Posted February 02, 2018

If you thought winter was brutal this year, strap in for another six weeks of bitter cold. Using his ink, he proclaimed Punxsutawney Phil, the local groundhog, to be the one and only weather prognosticating groundhog.

Another secret is how Phil gets from his home at the library to the big event at Gobbler's Knob, a clearing in the woods outside of town. This year will be the 132nd ceremony. Phil did see his shadow past year and was accurate for just 36 percent of his region, the magazine noted.

Phil has been predicting the arrival of spring since 1887 - but his accuracy leaves something to be desired. If Potomac Phil sees his shadow, D.C. can expect to see six more weeks of political gridlock.

Every February 2, all eyes turn to a small central Pennsylvania borough as winter-weary Northeasterners await weather guidance from the predictive rodent. If not, we're in for an early spring.

Punxsutawney Phil has spoken!

The Groundhog Day legend states that, if Phil sees his shadow, it will send him running back into his burrow...because a longer winter is on the way.

While Phil makes his prediction every year on the second of February, the celebration actually begins days before with events that include the annual #Groundhog Day banquet, hayrides, live concerts and much more.

On the other paw, these critters somehow didn't see their shadow, which means we're in for an early spring: Charles G. Hogg, aka Staten Island Chuck (New York).

"Unfortunately, there have been years where the president has misinterpreted what Phil said", former handler Ron Ploucha told "Because Phil's never wrong, Phil's prediction is 100 percent correct, and we blame the variants on the president's interpretation of Phil's prediction". Germans expanded on this concept by selecting an animal-the hedgehog-as a means of predicting weather. But when they moved to Pennsylvania, they found another creature to take its place. It is based on a German legend surrounding Candlemas.

Groundhog Day was immortalized by the iconic 1993 Bill Murray movie of the same name. Murray, who plays a weatherman in the film, gets trapped in a time warp and has to relive the day over and over again until he gets it right.