Time To Talk About Mental Health

Posted February 03, 2018

Talking about mental illness goes a long way toward eliminating barriers and stigmas, says a Cumberland County psychologist.

Time to Talk Day today is a chance for all of us to be more open about mental health.

According to their web site, it was back in September 2010 that Bell Let's Talk began a conversation about Canada's mental health. Her social network is wider than ever before with friends who help her deal with the peaks and valleys that come with living with mental illness.

AHS offers treatments through the Addiction and Mental Health Community Services, including walk-in intake hours on Tuesday and Wednesday from 12:30 to 3 p.m. and Friday from 8:30 to 11:00 a.m. At work and home, I was often on the verge of tears, and, even though I had good relationships with my teams, colleagues and friends, I steadily withdrew from interactions.

The Bell web site points out that simple kindness can make a world of difference. "It's also important to understand that there are people you can talk to without any stigmas attached". "Fact is, we all have someone in our lives or who we know who is struggling with mental illness".

If a person comes forward asking for support or guidance for their mental illness, Stuart said the best thing to do is to simply listen with an empathetic ear.

It becomes hard for a struggling individual to seek out help when the disorder they are struggling with becomes delegitimized through social talk, likening mental disorders to normative emotions and behaviours. "Start that conversation and ask them if they are okay".

Two of three people suffering mental health issues do so in silence because they're afraid of being judged or rejected.

The figures have been released on Time to Talk Day, an event which brings together celebrities, politicians, activists and athletes to spread the word that it's okay to talk about mental health - anywhere, anytime.

Claudie said: "I was diagnosed with postnatal depression when my daughter was five weeks old". I talked to my doctor, and we agreed a course of medication, and perhaps most importantly, I started talking to people I trusted about what I was experiencing and the impact it was having on me. Marie. "We also thank the Bell Let's Talk Community Fund for its continual efforts in advancing mental health issues across the country and for its support in improving the lives of those in our community". Despite the monetarily successful campaign being in its eighth year, stigma toward those with mental illnesses remains powerfully entrenched through the way we talk about and prioritize mental health.

'Conversations have the power to change lives, wherever they take place.

There was a history of mental health issues in her family so Connolly had an idea about the resources available.