Washington Redskins may franchise tag Kirk Cousins again, seek trade

Posted February 06, 2018

On Tuesday the Kansas City Chiefs and Washington Redskins reached an agreement for a trade involving Chiefs QB Alex Smith. Apparently, that might not happen.

With Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith traded to the Redskins and Cousins set to become a free agent in March, the Browns will explore the possibility of signing him, and every other available veteran.

Cousins could also delay signing the tag for months, meaning the quarterback could tie up the Redskins' cap space in free agency.

There is some inherent risk with this move, though.

If the Redskins placed the tag on Cousins it would mean that they are on the hook or $34 million. Yes, but in that case, Washington would not get the 2019 third-round compensatory pick that it would receive if Cousins leaves in free agency in the traditional way.

The window to designate franchise players opens on February 20.

For a team that needs some stability at quarterback, it also wouldn't hurt for the Jets to also considering using their No. 6 overall pick on a future franchise quarterback or even just trade the pick to acquire more picks to continue adding talent to the team.

Hopefully, Graziano's bold prediction comes to fruition since it would make a plethora of Jets fans happy knowing they are getting a Pro Bowl quarterback ready to make some serious noise in the city that never sleeps. That would significantly reduce what the Redskins could get for him from that team.

Smith agreed to a four-year contract extension worth more than $71 million and the Redskins parted with promising defensive back William Fuller.

The transition tag is much like the non-exclusive franchise tag.

Cousins spoke publicly about the trade for the first time Friday, telling USA Today's Mike Jones that, like everyone else, he was shocked by the move.

The downside for Cousins is that he could end up stuck in limbo.

Cousins said he did not speak to the Redskins until the morning after the trade.

How do you feel about the possibility of Kirk Cousins being tagged?

But compensatory picks are determined by the National Football League management council and there is no guarantee that Cousins signing with a different team would net a third-rounder, especially if the Redskins sign other free agents. He tweeted the tag was "negotiated into CBA for teams to have "intent" to sign players long term". But the decision is a gamble - and one that could easily backfire.