Alexa really loses its voice as Amazon Web services suffer outage

Posted March 03, 2018

Problems with Amazon Web Services' Direct Connect service took down several customers Friday morning using the cloud leader's creaky U.S. East region, including its Alexa personal assistant.

Beyond language itself, the company wants Alexa to gain a well-rounded knowledge of the cultures in which the translated languages are spoken. is also reporting with Alexa.

Amazon's Former Senior Manager and Lead for Alexa artificial intelligence, Ashwin Ram, has announced he's jumped ship to rival Google - a move set to further intensify competition between the two tech giants. Amazon is looking to make Alexa more useful not just by adding a new feature but adding one that will help tackle language and cultural barriers. The Pixel Buds' real-time translation feature received mixed reviews.

If you're traveling and unsure of how to ask for a table at a restaurant, Amazon wants Alexa to have your back. To a small degree, Alexa already does this-it's capable of translating basic words and phrases into Spanish, German, French, and Italian. Alexa may also, in the future, translate multiple speakers talking in different languages at the same time.

In other words, in the above example, Alexa would consider the Japanese's culture, which is more formal and conservative than American culture.

With Alexa going mobile, real-time translation would come in handy when visiting another country and trying to do something as seemingly simple as ordering food or asking for directions.

Amazon, which now offers AI translation as a service for developers, does not now provide cultural context or understanding through Alexa.