Google Duo now lets you leave video messages

Posted March 10, 2018

The feature will let users leave selfie-video messages in voicemail style for any user that declines or misses a video call on Duo. Also, the messages will disappear after 24-hours making the conversation more secure.

With video messages on Google Duo, you can capture and share your important moments, even when friends and family can't take your call. So if you want to make a video call to any of your friend on Duo and they have not installed the app. After the video finished, user can tap the "Call now" button to easily call that person right back.

Why Google apps overlap is a question for another day, though. It allows users to leave short videos when the person they're trying to reach isn't there or isn't answering. Before hanging up, an option will appear asking you if you've like to leave a 30-second video message.

Google Duo is unarguably the best rated high quality video calling service available for smartphones.

Video messages make ideal sense, so much so that one has to ask why they weren't a feature from the get-go. It already has FaceTime, Apple's proprietary video calling platform, and Duo's presence in Apple's ecosystem makes little sense.

Users who receive a video message from someone only need to tap their icon to play it.

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