Gov. Scott Declares Feb. 14th Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Remembrance Day

Posted March 03, 2018

Some are still recovering from their injuries.


Fernback said, "We have some teachers, board members, the superintendent, students, and other members of my administration".

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School principal Ty Thomas said in a tweet that "our focus is on emotional readiness and comfort, not curriculum: so there is no need for backpacks". "It was bad but if you let it stop's not how you go down, it's how you get back up".

"They were telling us they were so happy to see us and talking about what we're going to do next", says Berkowitz.

This of course received a lot of backlash, especially on social media, with many legal gun-owners complaining that any gun reform would go against their second amendment right.

ALLEN: Here's her friend Lucia Salman. "We will be requesting that the NRA remove our information from their website". Students were allowed to collect belongings left behind during the shooting on Monday.

"I'm really nervous to go back, I don't want to go back at all", one student said.

The friends that we lost in the classes - I have, like, two of them in my classes, and it's going to be very off seeing the teachers in there and the students sitting in there and not them. "If I hear about it more, I'll have to do some research to best deal with the situation", she said. A background check could have helped prevent Nikolas Cruz - who was surrounded by dozens of red flags - from getting the firearms he used to kill 17 of his peers in Parkland, FL. It's going to be demolished and replaced. Students will pass through this memorial on their way to school and administers hopingly outpouring might quell some of the fears.

Therapy dog specialist Harryette Roth with said the animals seen at the high school this week are playing a vital role in this time of healing.

Broward County school Superintendent Robert Runcie tweeted: "I pray that today is the beginning of our long and hard journey from grief, sorrow and anger to a new consciousness of hope, compassion and love". "That's what I think everyone in this neighborhood should do, is be supportive of the children".

"You've Got This" and "We Are With You". He was especially pleased with the turnout. It sparked a nationwide debate over school safety, with student survivors calling for dramatic changes to gun laws.

Other districts joining the walkout will include Jackson-Milton Schools students, if students choose to, and South Range Schools. So far, Runcie said, only 15 students and four employees have expressed interest. Each student received a new course schedule to accommodate the fact that there are fewer classrooms available in the wake of the shooting. Seventeen-year-old Maddy Wilford was released from the hospital just last week after critical injuries from three gunshot wounds.

"We're going to come up with some ideas", Trump said.

She said the trip was planned before the tragedy, but events that celebrate student journalism are even more important in light of recent events. "The only person I would want to carry a loaded weapon on a school campus is an active-duty peace officer". And obviously they're scared or uncomfortable.

It's hard not to wonder: Are my children next as I now do not forget to say, "I love you" to each of my three pre-teenagers as I harriedly send them off to middle school for the day?

Marion Hammer, a lobbyist for the National Rifle Association and Unified Sportsmen of Florida, said she supports school security and keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill, but "guns are not the problem".

As the day wore on, math teacher Jim Gard said it began to feel like some semblance of normalcy had returned.

"Every time I see a student organization that's a journalism organization doing great work and needing some financial support, I always try and chip in", Palenske told CNN in an interview.