Greece suspends football fixtures after club boss takes gun onto pitch

Posted March 13, 2018

"The referee has invalidated the goal of PAOK for offside, there was a brawl of players and many people entered the field, including their president with bodyguards".

"We must all decide to ignore the political cost.It's a question of will".

Greece's sports minister Giorgos Vasileiadis says league play has been suspended indefinitely until there is "a new, clear framework agreed to by all so we can move forward with conditions and regulations".

Ivan Savvidis, the owner of the Greek soccer team PAOK, was not at all happy that his team's 89th-minute goal was disallowed by an offside call Sunday against AEK Athens. As a result Sunday's decisive Super League contest against leaders AEK Athens will take place in front of spectators.

And, how many times have you seen football club managers carry a gun on the football pitch while the game is in progress?

Three years ago, there was a discussion tabled to ban Greek teams from playing in European tournaments.

Savvidis is a former deputy in the Russian parliament, and is reported to have close links with President Vladimir Putin.

"After about two hours (23.20) and after the referee continually changing the decision to award or not the goal, he concluded that the goal counts and chose to stop the match".

The Greek Superleague has been suspended after a match between PAOK and AEK Athens briefly turned into an episode of Justified.

But as he walked onto the pitch, it became visible that he had a hand gun placed in a hip holster.

Olympiakos itself is appealing a decision that had deducted three points from the team for fan behaviour in a February 4 home game against AEK, which it lost 2-1. He has holdings in assets ranging from Thessaloniki port to tobacco and media companies.

Last year, Savvidis was part of a Franco-German consortium that won a bid for the privatisation of the Thessaloniki port authority.

In a rare step, the United States embassy in Athens later expressed concern over the issue, suggesting a lack of transparency over the funding behind the deal.