'Ireland first' - EU's Tusk fires Brexit warning shot

Posted March 10, 2018

The draft negotiating guidelines released by EU President Donald Tusk warned that there would be "negative economic consequences" as a result of Britain's vote to leave. I really value your advice - always very constructive and responsible.

But her vision was little changed from an earlier proposal for Britain to be able to diverge from some of the EU's rules and regulations while sticking to others which benefit Britain, a plan the bloc has described as "pure illusion".

This is Mr Tusk's second visit to Ireland in three months. The increasing global instability requires our uninterrupted cooperation in defence and foreign affairs.

And the DUP fears that as the European Union seeks to keep the Irish border as transparent as possible, it is at the same time erecting obstacles between Northern Ireland and Britain.

The debate between the United Kingdom and European Union over access to the single market for Britain's banking sector in the future is becoming one of the main Brexit issues that must be resolved before Britain withdraws from the EU in March of 2019.

However, during a visit to London on Tuesday, Mr Le Maire said the particular circumstances of the financial services industry meant it could not be covered within the scope of a free trade agreement. I hope that it will be ambitious and advanced - and we will do our best, as we did with other partners, such as Canada recently - but anyway it will only be a trade agreement.

EU negotiators have repeatedly stressed that punishment is not a motivation in Brexit talks, but a report published by the European Commission last December suggested the EU could insert a "punishment clause" in any trade deal to allow Brussels to place tariffs on some British exports. What the European Union is offering Britain may combine the trade benefits of Canada with numerous obligations of Norway, such as limits on state aid and pro-competition rules. And in fisheries, reciprocal access to fishing waters and resources should be maintained.

Global trade secretary Liam Fox has urged Brexit negotiators to "keep the temperature down" as talks enter the critical future relationship phase.

"This will be the first FTA in history that loosens economic tries instead of strengthening them", Tusk said.

"'It is time to address the sceptics who say a trade deal including financial services can not be done because it has never been done before - to them I say 'every trade deal the European Union has ever done has been unique".

It concluded that although she took a more realistic tone, the prime minister had ultimately confirmed Britain's red lines and once again "addressed more her domestic audience, trying to bridge the gaps between the two poles of the debate on Brexit in the U.K". That is essence of Brexit, "he has pointed out from Luxembourg".

- the test of balance of rights and obligations.