Karnataka govt clears state flag; to approach Centre for approval of 'tricolour'

Posted March 10, 2018

Deftly carving out the ruling Congress party's electoral strategy for the forthcoming assembly elections in Karnataka, the State Government has accorded its formal approval for a separate State flag featuring three colours of yellow, white and red with Karnataka's official emblem - Gandaberunda - at the centre. I thank Kannada organizations, leading Kannada writers & intellectuals for gracefully agreeing with the design. The new flag, unveiled on Thursday, is also a tricolour with yellow, white and red and the state emblem in the middle. If accepted, Karnataka will be the second state to have an official state flag, the report added. The "gandabherunda" is considered to be a symbol of the Mysore kingdom, and was seen as early as 1510 on coins from the Vijayanagara empire.

However, an unofficial flag with the same colours was already in use since the 1960s at state events and was unfurled every 1 November, the foundation day of the state.

"Siddaramaiah has unveiled the flag because his government is on the backfoot over the stabbing of the Lokayukta on Wednesday", the saffron party's spokesperson S Prakash said.

The flag design will now be sent to the Central Government for approval, following which it will be announced as the state flag.

According to Chandan Gowda, professor of sociology at the Azim Premji University, the inclusion of Karnataka's state emblem, which includes the Indian state's emblem of four lions found on the Ashoka pillar, signals an attempt to affirm Karnataka as an integral part of India.

Noted writer Ham Pa Nagarajaiah, speaking on the occasion, said that "only State embalm has been maintained since the words "Satya meva jayathe" may not clearly visable when the flag is flying".

"Let us not forget that it was the former chief minister DV Sadananda Gowda who initiated the move for identifying a state flag". "Is there any provision in the Constitution which is prohibiting a state to have its own flag?" BJP leaders, including Shobha Karandlaje, had questioned it saying that Siddaramaiah was practising divisive politics. "We hope it will be approved quickly", he said. "Siddaramaiah sat on this decision for four years and has used it now because of his political troubles", Prakash said.

Before Sikkim was annexed, it had its own national flag, with a Buddhist prayer wheel in the centre. The Congress high command, Pani says, will also have to "look the other way" on this issue.

But after receiving flak from the citizens of the state then, this time they have chose to not say anything lest they offend either their party high command or the people of the state.