Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott step out together in new photos

Posted March 01, 2018

The white Ferrari she has for Christmas celebrations, and the Land Rover she gifted herself as a birthday present when she turned nineteen.

With the vehicle being a two-seater, we can't help but wonder where the baby seat will go? "I already love Stormi and I've only seen her tiny lil hand and toes", one fan tweeted.

Their Instagram page also features a 3D design of Kylie while she was pregnant, as well as models of Jennifer Lopez and Paris Hilton.

It has red seating, sleek lines, butterfly doors and can hit speeds of over 200mph.

The new mama unveiled the extravagant gift on her Instagram on Saturday, and it is thought to be worth a whopping £1.2 million. Wow. Considering the secrecy surrounding her pregnancy, don't expect the reality star to reveal a full picture of Stormi just yet!

This is the first video footage to be released of the tot, and fans have yet to see Stormi's face, although Kylie recently confessed that the baby looks a lot like she did when she was younger.

Tyga bought her a Ferrari for her 18th birthday and a Maybach Mercedes for her 19th.

Proving that maternal and marketing instincts can go hand-in-hand, numerous products are a tribute to Jenner's newborn with eyeshadows called "True Love", "Sunshine", "Northern Light", "Little Wonder", "Starbaby" and eyeshadow palettes titled "Calm Before the Storm" and wait for it. "Eye of the Storm'". The reality star says. Amid her pregnancy, Kylie had avoided online networking totally in the months paving the way to Stormi's birth.

"Despite being new parents, Kylie and Travis are still in a new relationship too".

Following quite a while of pregnancy hypothesis, the 20-year-old most youthful Kardashian-Jenner kin affirmed the birth news via web-based networking media that she'd respected a child a couple of days earlier.