Legislation to take guns from domestic abusers making progress

Posted March 10, 2018

However, it still didn't receive the support of the House's committee as it was voted down 8-1 Friday.

HB 7055 creates new funding sources for several voucher programs so students can take the money the state would have used to pay for their public education and instead use it to help cover their tuition for private school.

Sen. Dorsey Ridley attempted to file an amendment to the bill that would restore full cost of living adjustments for teachers, but the motion was not allowed.

"We have a 33 percent denial on the front side, meaning that people who sign up for this test, and aren't allowed to go through the test " Horkan said.

"The Speaker has been hauling people into his office for his multimedia show - like a timeshare salesman - for weeks now and he's convinced and apparently has you all convinced", Burns told the House members on the committee.

"The reality is this, I am saving the pension system".

The House's action on Tuesday sends the measure to the Senate, which a year ago overwhelmingly approved a similar bill. I'm still waiting for someone to explain how you decide-and who decides-what it means to have only one subject.

In a recent letter, Attorney General Andy Beshear said portions of SB 1 were likely illegal and violated the contract between the state and workers and retirees.

House Bill 1275 would have required that initiative petitions include signatures of at least 5% of registered voters from a majority of State Senate districts; the House defeated it by more than two-to-one (20 - 45).

Justice said the task force will have all its appointees by Thursday, and the plan is to have public meetings in all 55 counties as work begins.

Del. Brent Boggs, (D) Braxton, an appointee to the committee, said House lawmakers would not come down from five percent - the same threshold education leaders are demanding for teachers to return to school. In 2013, Democratic State Senator Ann Cummings suggested that the corporate ban might do more harm than good. "We're going to do it in a reasonable and responsible way, the way it should be done". "But I've noticed a trend in the last eight years where I've never seen the leadership of either chamber lose a constitutionality argument on their own amendment". For the parents, it's a bad thing but there isn't any other way around it.

"This Legislature will be the first to deliver in that time frame in a long time", he said.

"I am disheartened to see the game playing in Charleston". Lawmakers there eventually agreed, but not before schools were closed for days. A similar raise for all other state employees will be addressed by legislators as they continue to craft next year's budget.

"Back to class!" teachers in the Capitol cheered after the signing. "We'd like to get this resolved and like to get it resolved this month", Blunt added. "Very slowly but surely, we are making progress". "I don't have a crystal ball, but I'm hoping like insane that we are back in school Wednesday".