Saudi crown prince's visit to United Kingdom sparks protests in London

Posted March 10, 2018

On the other hand, as a part of Vision 2030, Saudi crown prince is also looking for foreign investment.

The red carpet rolled out Wednesday, as the prince had lunch with Britain's Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace.

She added: "This visit is an opportunity for the United Kingdom to finally show some backbone over human rights when it comes to Saudi Arabia".

The three-day visit will also include a briefing with national security officials and a visit to May's country residence.

"Short term arms sales profit should not be valued above human rights and we should not be giving more practical and PR support to the Saudi regime after we've already licensed almost 5bn worth of arms since the Yemen war began", Turner told Al Jazeera.

Her statements were interrupted briefly as opposition lawmakers cried "Shame!"

"We are all concerned about the appalling humanitarian situation in Yemen and the effect that it is having on people, particularly women and children", she told Parliament.

Saudi Arabia and its allies launched the war on Yemen in March 2015 to reinstall its former Riyadh-allied government.

Saudi crown prince's visit to United Kingdom sparks protests in London

Corbyn's spokesman added that ministers should be held "accountable" for the "very large numbers of children" killed and injured by the air strikes against Yemeni rebels.

The most important was the agreement to establish a Saudi-Egyptian investment fund worth 16 billion USA dollars that is meant to boost new projects in Egypt. We appreciate Saudi Arabia hosting millions from all countries including Egypt and providing job opportunities for them. The British government seeks to turn its historic defense relations into trade and investment, focusing both on the expanding Saudi Arabian export market in the services sector and on attracting Saudi money to finance domestic projects.

The 32-year-old crown prince will succeed to the throne when his 82-year-old father, King Salman, dies. Crown Prince Mohammed's visit to St. Mark's Cathedral is bound to shore up Sisi's standing with the Christian community as he heads into a frankly dubious election this month-an electoral ritual he will certainly win, since every credible opponent made a decision to drop out of the race, but weak turnout would be embarrassing.

"It can not be right that her government is colluding in what the United Nations says is evidence of war crimes".

Coinciding with International Women's Day, this event will have trained more than 250 students at the women-only university by the week's end, with plans to make Driving Skills for Life for Her an on-going programme for the Kingdom's female drivers.

Speaking at a press conference organised by campaign groups protesting against the visit of Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman, Chris Williamson, Labour MP for Derby North, urged Parliament to commission an investigation similar to the investigation by special Counsel Robert Mueller into UAE meddling in American politics. (Photo by Reuters) "The UK should not welcome war criminal Mohammed bin Salman", the banners read.

According to the Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT), over the past three years, Britain has licensed $6.4 billion worth of arms sales to Saudi Arabia. Iran responded by calling the Saudi crown prince "immature" and "weak-minded".