"The Bachelor" recap: The women tell all

Posted March 01, 2018

Click through the slideshow for the women with the best odds of being the next Bachelorette...

On a special episode of The Bachelor Sunday night, 18 of the most unforgettable women returned to confront Arie Luyendyk Jr. and tell their side of the story about how hard it was to date a Bachelor who was falling for multiple women. Tia, the woman sent home after the hometown dates, tearfully talks about her gut-wrenching exit and how Arie blindsided her. Arie takes the hot seat and the tension is palpable when Caroline confronts him and questions his commitment issues. As you can tell by everyone's shocked faces in the photo above, though, there was still plenty of drama to go around. From playing the ukulele in her spare time to working in the entertainment industry, viewers were able to see multiple layers during her almost two month run. It made that week's decision pretty easy in the end for Arie, and Kendall would eventually survive a bit longer.

"I can't speak for her, I just know our relationship", Arie said. And I just really don't understand.

But the romantic things he said to Becca were enough for me to root for him - and he was way more attractive than Arie. Presumably, it's something about the the women in finale which Chris teased is literally the most dramatic Bachelor finale in the show's history.

Krystal overstayed her welcome in the mansion and each week that Arie didn't kick her off, she became increasingly manipulative and duplicitous. And then, she broke his heart.

During her bathroom bowling meltdown, she also called all the women on the show c***s.

HollywoodLifers, who do you think will be Arie's final two!? Krystal said she was upset with him for spending time with other girls. "I'm falling in love with you too", he told the future Bachelorette.

Caroline from'The Bachelor
Caroline from ‘The Bachelor.’ Craig Sjodin Getty Images

Over dinner, Kendall reveals to Arie that she wants him to consider her as more than just the "quirky" girl who likes taxidermy.

"You don't need to answer me, but I needed to say it", Caroline noted.

"It just sucks to see how you actually were", he said. "I definitely knew I was gonna be challenged, and I think I tried to just be as open and honest as I could with the whole process". "That really gives me a lot of hope and excitement and I feel so good going into next week". Arie said that he stuck up for her and maybe he shouldn't have. (@ariejr) February 26, 2018 ## Wondering Why With Tia, Bekah M. and Seinne Tia is still shedding tears over Arie because the wounds of her broken heart haven't quite healed.

Our favorite thing that we learned about Ross, however, is that he went to a filming for the game show Let's Make a Deal with Wayne Brady. and dressed up as Netflix and chill? What does her mom have to say about her headline-making "disappearance?"

Becca spent the day on a boat and her Fantasy Suite was a small tent in the middle of the desert.

The Season 22's villain made the entire audience gasp when unseen footage of Krystal was aired and she sure showed her true colors. And, with Kufrin's ex showing up, his appearance may be featured towards the end of the show, but you never know, right? Kendall doesn't hold back on gushing over her feelings, and Arie returns the favor and (gasp!) says he's falling in love with her, too.